1. How he scares you 4/5

    Zayn: You woke up with a cold spot next to you in bed. "Zayn?" You called out. When no answer came, you checked your phone. You read a text that said, 'had to go to a early meeting with Management. Be back soon. Love you xx'. You sighed as you snuggled back in bed, wrapping yourself in the covers. As you tried to go back to a peaceful sleep, you heard a bang. You popped your head out from the covers. "Zayn?" You shout out again. Nothing. You slowly sit up in bed, looking around the room. You hear another bang from the closet. Slowly, you stand and walk up to the door, cautiously opening the door. You look in the closet for a second before a tanned face pops from between two coats, a pair of plastic fangs in his mouth. You scream in terror as Zayn leaped forward, making you fell as you screamed.


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