1. He Bullies You But Is Secretly Inlove With You 5/5 

    Harry: And he was so confused about it. Usually his charm and good looks worked on girls but not with you. If he ever wanted you to look his way he had to be mean and crude. He hated it. Not ever did he think he’d treat a woman the way he treated you. 

    *Your POV* 

    The bass and treble vibrated through your bones and soon became your blood as you danced to the fast paced song. 

    Bodies upon bodies were pressed up against eachother.

    Cups full of liquor and arms were all above you as you stood against the wall of the club. 

    The boys (with the exception of Harry) had invited you out to the club that night. At first you tried to refuse but they insisted you go.

    So here you were looking fine as ever not dancing with anyone. 

    This was one HELL of a night. 

    Finally as the beat dropped your hips start to sway and you forget all about what a bummer it was in the beginning. 

    All you want to do is dance. You led a random guy out on to the floor and grinded on him to the beat. 

    The music was blaring and it made your head buzz, or maybe that was the last jello shot you took. 

    But who cares? You were finally having fun. 

    After a few songs with the guy you hear a low growl and hear a “Beat it” from behind you. 

    The guy that had been your dance partner scurried away in a hurry and you not thinking anything of it just danced with your new partner. 

    He was rough and by the feels of it very big. 

    He smelt of a familiar scent but you couldn’t remember where or who it was from. 

    "I’m Y/N" You say after the song ends 

    "I’m well aware of that" He replies and you spin on your heel. 

    "Harry? What the fu-" He cuts you off with a steamy kiss that you break of to slap him only to be brought back into it. 

    "You taste good babe" He whispers in your ear sending a trevor down your spine. 

    "Why did you pull him away from me?" You ask trying not to fall as his fingers cling to the waist band on your panties. 

    How did his hand get up there without you noticing? 

    "You’re mine." He bites your earlobe causing goosebumps to form. 

    "I hate you" You utter out and push him away walking out into the alley way of the club. 

    You breathe in deep breaths much too sober now and wishing that the frosty air was warmer. 

    "I love you." You jump and look at the figure walking up to you. 

    "Shut up, stop fucking with me Styles. Your drunk." You flip him off and look back to the sky hoping he’d just go away. 

    No such luck. 

    "I’m not drunk. Y/N listen to me. I love every little thing about you. I love your smile and your eyes and your hair. I love your body and your laugh and just damn it I can’t ever get you off my mind. Your always there in the back of my head no matter what I do I can’t forget you and it’s driving me mad." 

    You stare at him for a long long time. Then you crack a smile. 

    "You’re a giant dick face and you’ve ruined the last 9 months of my life. But your kinda cute." 

    He chuckles and picks you up spinning you around. Kissing you over and over again. 

    A/N: Was this as bad as I think? T.T Sorry again, I’m real tired guys. 

    xxx Mel


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